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j.dubbs design provides website design, user interface design, and icon design services for software development companies, financial services providers, and enterprises.

1.1.0Core Competencies

We provide three core services: website design for enterprise, business-to-business and consumer-facing businesses in the technology and financial services fields; UI design for web and mobile applications; and icon design for browser, desktop and mobile software.

1.0.0Design Services

We offer an array of services, including website design, user interface design, and icon design, as well as design of broadcast email and e-newsletters, conceptual illustrations and architecture diagrams. Search engine optimization is also offered as a component of website design and development.

1.2.0Additional Services

Additional design services are available on an ad-hoc basis. On-screen services include design of broadcast email and e-newsletters, as well as supporting website visuals such as conceptual illustrations and architecture diagrams. Print-based serivces include design of product collateral, corporate identity, and tradeshow signage. Search engine optimization is also offered as a component of website design and development.


Answers to technical, practical, and budgetary questions that arise during typical client engagements.

2.1.0Website Design Process

A brief discovery phase begins each website design project, followed by information architecture design, conceptual design, coding and production, and culminating in quality assurance and launch.

2.0.0Design Process

Websites and web applications are designed and built according to a five-step process that helps drive projects to completion while ensuring exacting standards are met.

2.1.0Web App Design Process

Following a brief discovery phase, a user interface specification is drafted, followed by conceptual design, prototyping, and integration with the application's back end.

3.1.0Website Design Projects

j.dubbs design has created dozens of websites for companies in the technology and financial services fields, each crafted to emphasize legibility, ease of navigation, and an appealing aesthetic. Special consideration is given to search engine optimization (ensuring that your site is seen as well as admired) and lead generation (by way of compelling content presentation, promotional offers, and form-protected premium content).

3.0.0Selected Work

Recent examples of websites, web applications, and icons created for software development, financial services, and open source providers.

3.2.0Web App Design Projects

Web applications are designed in close conjunction with the client's product development team. For each project, we craft an intelligent, intuitive user experience, culminating in a clickable HTML prototype of the site's functionality. The resulting app incorporates human factors, usability testing, UI conventions, and aesthetic trends, designed with an eye toward technical, localization and bandwidth constraints.






3.3.0Icon Design Projects

Icon design is at once the most fun and most challenging service we provide. Icons have design and technical requirements unique to themselves, are highly subjective in nature, and yet have the potential to breathe life into otherwise staid user interfaces and websites. For each project, a cohesive library of icons is designed, optimized, and scaled for use in toolbars, menus, dialogs, and other applications.

4.0.0Client Login

Clients access project-related materials through a custom, secure extranet.

5.0.0Contact Info

Have an upcoming web or UI design project? We're happy to help.