User interface design for Funambol's cloud computing and PIM sync web portal.

Project deliverables Website Design
Web Application Design
Icon Design
Product Collateral Design
E-newsletter Design
Search Engine Optimization
Identity Design
Supporting Visual Design
Tradeshow Signage

Project duration August 2006 – ongoing

Tools used Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign

The Funambol Portal web application allows users to manage contacts, calendars, email, and pictures synced between a cloud-based service and their mobile devices. The modular AJAX user interface incorporates sophisticated desktop functionality such as contextual menus, "quick-look" data previewing, drag and drop, and tabbed dialogs. In total, 150 screens and dialogs in the portal were prototyped, all designed to be easily customizable by partners and resellers. Additional deliverables include design of a multipart signup/setup wizard, mobile apps, and desktop sync utilities.

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