Website design for Scalix, an Exchange alternative with desktop-caliber AJAX web email and calendaring.

Project deliverables Website Design & Development
Web Application Design & Specification
Icon Design
Product Collateral Design
E-newsletter Design
Search Engine Optimization
Supporting Visual Design
Tradeshow Signage

Project duration February 2003– July 2007

Tools used Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign

The Scalix website is designed to serve two divergent markets: enterprises, who form the majority of the company's commerical customers, and the open-source community, engaged to refine and extend the codebase underlying Scalix' products. As such, the site's extensive content was structured in three parts, depending on whether it appealed to enterprises, the open source community, or both. Additional deliverables included design of broadcast emails, architecture diagrams, product collateral, and tradeshow signage. The website and related collateral were localized for German and Japanese markets.

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